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Membership of FoodHACCP
PCQI - Human Food (English or Spanish)- 20 hours $899 with Certificate fee
Get the training you need to become a certified Preventive Controls Qualified Individual. Learn
to develop and implement an FDA-compliant Food Safety Plan. Convenient online training for
the working professional with a very busy schedule.

ISO 22000:2018 - 21 hours $999 with Certificate fee
Train your Food Safety Team Leader on the requirements and on how to implement and
conduct internal audits.

FSSC 22000 -20 hours $999 with Certificate fee
With this training you will train your food safety team leader and learn how to build your FSSC
22000 food safety system.

SQF Practitioner -12 hours $999 with Certificate fee
Fulfill the training requirements for the SQF Practitioner and at the same time, learn how to
implement and document your SQF food safety system.

Sanitation Practices - 3.5 hours $295 with Certificate fee
Topics include foundations of sanitation, cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, sanitary engineering,
and educational resources.

Listeria Control Specialist Certification Program - 10.5 hours $1375 with Certificate fee
The Listeria Specialist Certificate Program is comprised of five modules focused on food
manufacturing facilities. Participants who complete the five course certificate program will be
formally recognized as an expert, designated to control Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) within
their facilities. *This course is not eligible for price promotions.

Environmental monitoring -2.5 hours $285 with Certificate fee
This course addresses topics such as environmental sampling, Lm testing methods, root cause
analysis and corrective actions.

Allergens -2 hours $199 with Certificate fee
The topics covered in this course include foundations, labeling requirements, FSMA, control

Recalls Online training -3 hours $299 with Certificate fee
Topics covered in this course include foundations, risk assessment, documentation,
communications, recall process, product disposition.

Traceability online training -1.5 hours $199 with Certificate fee
Topics covered in this course include foundations, preliminary review, supply chain,
documentation, communications, technology.
100% Self-Paced Online Training

100% Self-Paced Online Course for Food Safety
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Training Topics
PCQI - Human Food (English or Spanish)
ISO 22000:2018,
FSSC 22000, SQF Practitioner, Sanitation Practices,
Listeria Control Specialist Certification Program,
Environmental monitoring, Allergens, Recalls Online training,

Traceability online training