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Online PCQI Training Human Food
100% Self-Paced Online Training (ca. 20 Hours)
How the course works
This training will cover
- Background and guidance information on food
- Food Safety Plan Development and practice
- Preventive controls for human food regulation

There are 16 chapters. Each chapter includes
videos, followed by interactive exercises that allow
you to work with the information, and practice using
it using real-world scenarios.

Gain experience and a deeper understanding of the
steps involved in writing a Food Safety Plan. You
will work with a model Food Safety Plan, complete
exercises and work through each step of the
process of building a Food Safety Plan.
There is No Final Exam.
There are interactive exercises within the training
which you must pass, with a score of 80%, in order
to move on to the next. If you do not pass, you may
try again. You are able to go back to review
chapters that you have already completed.

1. Introduction to Course & Preventive Controls
2. Food Safety Plan Overview
3. Good Manufacturing Practices & Other Prerequisite
4. Biological Food Safety Hazards
5. Chemical, Physical and Economically Motivated
Food Safety Hazards
6. Preliminary Steps in Developing a Food Safety plan
7. Resources for Preparing Food Safety Plans
8. Hazard Analysis & Preventive Controls Determination
9. Process Preventive Controls
10. Food Allergen Preventive Controls
11. Sanitation Preventive Controls
12. Supply-Chain Preventive Controls
13. Verification & Validation Procedures
14. Record-Keeping Procedures
15. Recall Plan
16. Regulation Overview: cGMP, Hazard Analysis, and
Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Human Food
What is Included
-Downloadable PDF FSPCA Student Manual,
(Printed Student Manual is available for purchase
separately from FSPCA). The manual is more than
500 pages, so it is convenient to purchase the
printed copy.
Click here to purchase
-Sample Forms
-Sample Food Safety Plans, and Resources
-20+ hours of self-paced, practical online
-AFDO/IFSH/IFTPI certificate of completion.
This will be available from FSPCA for an additional
$50 fee, paid by you to FSPCA.

Certificates will be issued on last day of the month.
Once you successfully complete your training, you
will receive a link to purchase your certificate from
FSPCA. The certificate will be issued on the last
day of the month of the month your training is

How long does it take
This course takes approximately 20 hours to
complete. You will be able to work at your
own pace. You will have 60 days from the
date of purchase to complete the course
Who needs to take this course?

QA Directors and Managers
QA/Production Supervisors
Operations Managers
SQF/BRC Practitioners and Auditors
HACCP Coordinators
Food Safety Technicians
Food Safety Graduates
Registration fee $799+certificate fee $60

Training Languages
English or Spanish or Chinese
You can choose training language

PCQI Human Food
100% Online - Learn at Your Own Pace
The Only FSPCA Online, 100% Self-Paced Course from Registrarcorp
FoodHACCP is in partnership with Registrarcorp
After training by our online instructors, they received PCQI certificates.