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SQF Complete Training & Implementation Package
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Effective, convenient and affordable! SQF Online Training Courses
The Complete Training Package includes all of the training courses in our series to help you prepare for your Certification Audit at a special
discounted price. Our Complete SQF Online Training Package will quickly work you through each step of your implementation so you can effectively
and efficiently prepare your company for your Certification Audit. Our training is unique because it also provides implementation plans for each
process, checklists, and document checklists.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If the training doesn't meet your expectations,
notify us before you take the test and
we will refund your purchase.
Learn to be an SQF Practitioner
Learn at your own pace, online
No prerequisites
Print your certificate of completion
You have 90 days to access the package

Implement your SQF system
with expert guidance
Learn the requirements of the SQF Code,
Edition 8.1
Learn to perform a Gap Analysis and
prepare your project plan,
Learn to document your system using the
included templates, and
Learn to perform internal audits.
Downloaded checklists and templates are
yours to keep forever

How Long Does it Take?
You do not have to complete this training in
one sitting - you can log in and out at your
convenience. This course consists of 5
parts, approximate time to finish each part is
as follows for a total of about 12 hours:
Introduction to SQF - about 3 hours
Gap Analysis Tutorial - about half an hour
Templates Tutorial - about 2 hours to
complete the tutorials
Internal Auditor Training - about 6 hours

How long do I have to complete the course?
You may login to the course and begin right
away. You can log in and out at your
convenience and complete the course as you
have time. Your account is set up to give you 90
days access.

Will I be certified after I pass the test?
There is no certification for SQF Practitioners.
What you need in order to be a Practitioner is to
have completed training on SQF and understand
the requirements. This training will meet that
requirement and you will be able to print your
certificate of completion after you finish the
course. SQF Practitioners are also required to
complete a HACCP certification training (that is a
separate training and is not included in this

Technical Requirements
This course may be accessed through the
browser (Internet Explorer not recommended) on
your desktop or laptop computer. It does not work
on mobile devices. The videos contain audio.
SQF9 Training Package
(Online training)

100% Self-Paced training
SQF Practitioner -12 hours with
Certificate fee ($999.00)

The Complete Package consists of 3
modules which are described below.
You will have access to the 2 courses
listed below plus the downloadable
package of templates and the SQF
Practitioner's Toolbox. Each of the 2
courses has a printable certificate of
completion at the end. There are PDF
student notes, downloadable checklists
and templates (Word/Excel). Print one
master certificate of completion after
completing all of the modules.

This training focuses on the
Manufacturing Code but may be used for
other codes by referring to your specific
code for differences.

This training package is licensed to one
student with 90 days access, however the
downloaded templates and checklists are
yours to use within your facility forever. If
you need to train more than one person,
our Premium Package offers training for
your team at in a special value priced
package. Compare products.

Mastering SQF
introduction to sqf online training
Learn about the requirements of the SQF
Food Safety Code and what your company
needs to do in order to comply. Includes
certificate of completion. Takes about 3 hours
to complete.

Templates and Tutorials
Learn how to document your SQF food safety
management system. Download templates
for your manual, procedures, forms and
GMPs. Includes templates for Food Safety
Manual, procedures, GMPs and forms. Over 2
hours of video tutorials to explain how to
meet the requirements of each document.
Includes certificate of completion. Takes
about 2 hours to complete

Internal Auditor Training
Learn the steps and techniques of auditing
and conduct a practice audit of "Mandy's
Vanilla". Print certificate of completion upon

SQF Practitioner's Tool Kit
More than 2 hours of video tutorials and
downloadable implementation plans.