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SQF Edition 8
(Online training)
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You will be able to print a training certificate after completing each of trainings listed above.
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Online Training with a certificate
Training for the Practitioner, Edition 8 for Manufactures
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Effective, convenient and affordable! SQF Online Training Courses
The Complete Training Package includes all of the training courses in our series to help you prepare for your Certification Audit at a special
discounted price. Our Complete SQF Online Training Package will quickly work you through each step of your implementation so you can effectively
and efficiently prepare your company for your Certification Audit. Our training is unique because it also provides implementation plans for each
process, checklists, and document checklists.
Online SQF Edition 8
This training meets the requirements for an SQF Practitioner.
It means that this certificate fulfills for the requirements.
The SQF Institute has released the new version of the code, SQF Edition 8. Companies are expected to begin their transition to
the new edition. However, certification audits that are conducted before January 2, 2018 will continue to be audited to Edition 7.2
of the Code.
Audits conducted January 3, 2018 or later, will be audited to Edition 8.

What is New? An overview summary of the changes
SQF has updated the code with 4 goals in mind.
to better fit the needs of industry sectors,
to take into account the latest regulatory requirements such as FSMA,
to encourage continuous improvement
to meet requirements in the new GFSI Benchmarking Requirements in GFSI V. 7.

The biggest changes are that the schemes are no longer referred to as Level 1, 2 and 3 and the code is now divided into different
documents for the different industry sectors and quality. You will find 6 separate codes:
Primary Production (Modules 2+ one of: 5, 6, 7, 7H, 8) now referred to as Food Safety Fundamentals) a
Manufacturing (Modules 2+ one of: 3, 4, 9, 10, 11). Now includes Pet Food and Animal Feed.
Storage and Distribution (Modules 2+ 12)
Manufacture of Packaging Materials (Modules 2 + 13)
Retail (new, Module 15)
SQF Quality Code: A company will implement the quality code (formerly level 3) after achieving certification to one of the Food
Safety Schemes.
You may download the SQF 8 Code for free at SQFI.
Training FAQs
Do I need Edition 7.2 or Edition 8.0?
If your company’s SQF Certification audit is in 2017, your company will be audited to Edition 7.2 If it is in 2018, your company will be audited to
the Edition 8 requirements.

If I am trained on Edition 7.2 do I need to be retrained on Edition 8?
Being trained on Edition 8 is an excellent way to learn the new requirements and demonstrate knowledge of SQF version 8. The code requires
that the practitioner understands requirements, but does not identify specific training for upgrading to version 8.

Is there a class or templates that only cover the changes?
At this time we have full training courses and documentation packages, and not a training or documents focused only on the changes. If you
are interested in using our documentation and training, it will cover all of the requirements of Edition 8. Trainees would be trained on all of the
requirements. To use the document templates, you would choose if you want to use all of the procedures and forms, or adopt some of them
and then make modifications to your existing procedures where that is more efficient for you. In both cases our documentation would give you
good examples of documentation that describes compliant processes.
Manufacturing (Food)
SQF Edition 8
Manufacturing of Food
SQF Edition 8
The Complete Package consists of 4 training modules which are described below.
You will have access to all 4 courses listed below. Each has a printable certificate of completion at the end. There are PDF student
notes, downloadable checklists and templates (Word/Excel).
Print one master certificate of completion after completing all 4 courses.
This training package is licensed to one student with 90 days access, however the downloaded templates and checklists are yours
to use within your facility forever. If you need to train more than one person, our Premium Package offers training for your team at in
a special value priced package.

4 courses
Introduction to SQF
Learn about the requirements of the SQF Food Safety Code and what your company needs to do in order to comply. Includes
certificate of completion. Takes about 3 hours to complete.
Gap Analysis Checklist & Tutorial
Learn how to start your project with a Gap Analysis Audit to measure your current system against the requirements of the standard
and create an effective project plan. Checklists are included. Takes about 30 minutes to complete.
Templates and Tutorials
Learn how to document your SQF food safety management system. Download templates for your manual, procedures, forms and
GMPs. Includes templates for Food Safety Manual, procedures, GMPs and forms. Over 2 hours of video tutorials to explain how to
meet the requirements of each document. Includes certificate of completion. Takes about 2 hours to complete
Internal Auditor Training
Learn the steps and techniques of auditing and conduct a practice audit of "Mandy's Vanilla". Print certificate of completion upon
completion. Takes about 6 hours to complete.

SQF Practitioner Requirements
The practitioner must:
1. Be a full time employee in a position of responsibility for the management of the SQF System.
2. Complete a HACCP Course. This course does not have to be approved by SQFI, but the practitioner must be competent to
implement and maintain the HACCP system.
3. Have an understanding of the SQF Code and the requirements to implement and maintain the SQF System. The SQF
practitioner can meet this requirement by participating in a class about SQF implementation or an online course.  
This course meets the requirements of #3.
Manufacturing of
Food Packaging
SQF Edition 8
(Online training)
Online Registration fee  $999
Food Micro