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Online FSVP Training
100% Self-Paced Online Training (ca. 12 Hours)
I work a busy schedule, how long will it take to
complete the full course?
We expect it will take 12 hours for you to complete
the training. The course is 100% online and self-
paced, so you can stop and start when you need to
for your work. You will have 90 days to complete it
from the date of purchase. Your progress is saved
online and you will not lose your progress if you need
to exit halfway through an exercise.

How is the course structured?
Through the course you will watch videos, then
complete interactive exercises to practice and test
your knowledge. You must score 80% or more to
pass and move on to the next one.

What happens if I fail an exercise?
If you do not pass, you can try again as many times
as you need to in order to complete the exercises.
The training will not lock you out if you fail.

What happens if I don't complete it in the 90
The 90-day timeline is in place to encourage you to
learn in as few sessions as possible and to help you
retain the information. But we understand that
emergencies come up, so if you need an extension,
just email us or call us and we will extend the access
for you.

When will I receive my certificate?
The Monday after you finish your course will receive
the FSPCA certificate. Instructions to download it will
be emailed to you

Will I get the official PCQI Certificate?
The certificate is recognized by the FDA, so if the
FDA or a 3rd party audits your facility, they will
recognize your certificate and know that you have
been trained on the FSVP rule

Does the FSVP Certificate Expire?
At this time, there is no expiration date on FSVP
certificates and no requirement for retraining.
However, refresher training every few years is a
good idea.

Will I be a QI after I complete the course?
The FSVP rule does require a “qualified individual” to
perform each of the activities under the rule. It
specifies that a “qualified individual” is a person who
has the education, training, or experience (or
combination thereof) necessary to perform each of
the required activities.

Attending this course will help you understand the
FSVP requirements and how those requirements can
be met in your particular circumstance.

Under the FSVP rule, a qualified individual is a
person who has the education, training, or
experience (or a combination thereof) necessary to
perform an activity required by the FSVP rule.

A qualified individual must also be able to read and
understand any records that must be reviewed in
performing the activity (21 CFR 1.503(a)).

The FSVP task to be accomplished determines what
qualifications the qualified individual must have.
Thus, the definition is simply stating that whoever is
carrying out an FSVP activity should be someone
qualified to do it.

Completing this course will help you understand the
FSVP requirements and how those requirements can
be met in your particular circumstance.
The FDA Foreign Supplier
Verification Programs (FSVP)
requires most U.S. Food Importers
to develop FSVPs for each product
they import from a Foreign
Supplier. Registrar Corp's 100%
online, self-paced
FSPCA-Approved FSVP Training
teaches you how to develop and
implement a FSVP to comply with
FDA requirements

Learn the requirements of the FSVP rule and how
to meet them. This is the FSPCA standardized
Students receive the Association of Food and Drug
Officials (AFDO) and International Food Protection
Training Institute (IFPTI/FSPCA) certificate ($60
additional fee)
Taking this course is one way to meet that
requirement, and your certificate will show that you
have been trained under the FSPCA standardized
Who needs to take this course?

QA Directors and Managers
QA/Production Supervisors
Operations Managers
SQF/BRC Practitioners and Auditors
HACCP Coordinators
Food Safety Technicians
Food Safety Graduates
Registration fee $799+$60 certificate fee

Training Languages
English or Spanish
You can choose training language

FSPCA Foreign Supplier Verification Programs

100% Online - Learn at Your Own Pace
The Only FSPCA Online, 100% Self-Paced Course from Registrarcorp
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After training, you will receive the official certificate