(Nov. 17-18) HACCP Training

This Class  are Accredited by
The International HACCP Alliance
This Class  fulfills USDA/FSIS and FDA Requirements
for HACCP/ Training—This Course fulfills all GFSI and  
and the SQF requirements for HACCP Training.

This in-depth course enables attendees to gain a practical
understanding of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points
(HACCP), and learn how to develop and implement a HACCP
system to meet customer and regulatory requirements.
HACCP is the basis for all food safety management systems
and the universally accepted tool to identify and eliminate food
safety hazards.
This course meets the formal HACCP training requirements of
SQF, BRC, ISO 22000 and other food safety standards and is
approved by the International HACCP Alliance.
Although not a pre-requisite for this training, a basic
knowledge of food safety is recommended.

Who Should Attend?
This course is intended for food processors regardless of
whether you are regulated by FDA, FSIS or CFIA and for
those who import foods into Canada. It is ideal for food
industry professionals in production, research and
development, Quality Assurance / control, business owners or
More than 500 attendees successfully finished Basic and Advanced HACCP Training.
All of them received a HACCP certificate which fulfills all USDA/FSIS and FDA
regulatory requirements for HACCP Training.  
Key Session Topics
·      Understand the legislative framework applicable to the
food industry
(this is specific to the country where the course is being taught)
Demonstrate a practical understanding of Hazard Analysis
critical Control Point (HACCP)
·      Classify the main food safety hazards associated with food
·      Evaluate and classify food safety hazards
·      Develop and implement a HACCP system into an
Class Start 8:15AM
First day of training (8:15AM - 5:00PM)
Second day of training (8:15AM - 2:00PM)

- Introduction To HACCP Systems
- Food Safety And HACCP Systems
- Pre Requisite Programs
- Developing HACCP Plans
Biological, chemical and physical hazards
Initial steps in applying HACCP principles
- Hazard Analysis And Critical
Control Points (CCP's)
Hazard analysis/preventive measures
Critical control point identification
- Working Groups
Group Assignments
Hazard Analysis And Identification Of CCP's
- Reports Of The Working Group
- Critical Limits, Monitoring and Corrective Actions
Establish Critical Limits
Establishing Monitoring Procedures
- Working Groups And Reports
- Verification And Record keeping
Record keeping
- Working Groups And Reports
- Managing/Implementing
Your HACCP Plan
Systems For Managing
Your HACCP Plan
Strategies For Implementing
Your HACCP Plan
- Working Groups And Reports
Regulatory Update
Summary / Q/A
11th Food Safety Conference
Main Topic: Control Methods for Food Safety/Quality
Your Name
After training, you will get this certificate.
2 day HACCP Course
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Nov. 17-18