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5th International
Conference for
Food Safety
and Quality

Major Topic

Global Food Safety









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4th Conference
Redondo Beach

3rd Conference
San Francisco

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1st Conference
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6th International Conference for
Food Safety and Quality
(November 8-9. 2011) Chicago, IL

5th Conference (Nov. 2-3, 2010)
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5th International Conference for Food Safety and Quality
Major Topic:Global Food Safety

November 2-3, 2010

Comments from 4th International Conference Attendees
Completely impressed and will attend again - Christopher Finch (US Army)
Great Conference- I will recommend to others - Lisa Mason-Sanders (Coca-Cola Co.)
Good opportunity for me to get idea - Fanny Au (Sunkist Growers Co.)
All was Good-Thanks - Michelle Fateh (KPG Solutions, Inc.)
Important new topics of food safety - Eduardo Freiwald (Tampico Spice Co.)
Many years of experience in Food Industries - Garvin Ratliff (Vet Command US Army)
This was a great conference - Fitzroy Smith (CENPAC DVC)
and more....


William Marler (MarlerClark)
V.J. Juneja (USDA-ERRC)
William Hallman (Rutgers University)
Will Daniels (VP, Earthbound Farm)
Daniel Y.C. Fung (Kansas State University)

Stan Bailey (2008 IAFP President)
Joseph Iwan (Professional Food Safety Ltd.)

Craig Henry - (Senior VP. GMA)
Nahed Kotrola (Smithfield Food Inc.)
Dong-Hyun Kang (Washington State University)
Erdogan Ceylan (Director, Silliker Lab.)
Paul Hall (2001 IAFP President)


The technical program consists of lectures and discussion on food safety assurance.
Speakers from food industries, regulatory agencies, academic

Major Topic:
Food Industries' actions for
Food Safety and Quality

Topics include:
- Food Safety and security
- Industries' actions for food safety
- legal issues on outbreaks
- Food safety for imported products
- Global food safety
- Control methods for food safety
- Detection methods for food safety

Why should you attend?
Our conference offer essential current food
safety information including industries'
actions for food safety, industries actions
for legal issues on outbreaks, updating
current control methods for food safety,
updating current detection methods for
food safety
Provide interactions with top food safety
experts, scientists, and professionals.


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