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Focus Groups for Product Development
(Webinar length:  1 hr 22min)


Focus groups are a form of qualitative consumer research in which a group of people (usually
6-12) are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product,
service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging. Numerous industries utilize focus groups
but there are many factors to consider when planning and conducting groups specifically to
support food and beverage product development (PD). Focus groups can provide insight
throughout the PD lifecycle but success lies in proper planning, execution, and interpretation
of the results.
While traditionally a qualitative technique, quantitative techniques (e.g. voting, scaling, and
ranking) can be successfully incorporated into PD focus groups. Depending on the objective
(e.g. front end innovation or PD guidance for formulation ‘tweaks’) a different balance of
qualitative and quantitative is appropriate. It is the improper usage of qualitative and
quantitative techniques that often results in erroneous or unclear results.

This presentation will cover the ‘nuts & bolts’ for planning effective PD focus groups. Topics
will include: best practices for paneling food and beverage products, how to tailor group
structure for a variety of PD objectives, discussion guide creation, back room etiquette and
active listening tips, selecting the venue and moderator, proper screening of target
consumers, and results interpretation.

What you will learn:

How to utilize focus groups for a variety of PD objectives
Tips for developing a discussion guide to answer your most pressing research questions
Best practices for the preparation and serving of food and beverage samples
How to balance qualitative and quantitative techniques within a focus group setting
Advice on selecting the best venue, moderator, and participants
Suggestions for back room management and engaged listening
Common pitfalls to avoid when conducting PD focus groups
Tips and tricks utilized by the top players in the food industry, including testimonials on
successes and challenges

Who should attend?

Product developers
Consumer Insights professionals
Food and consumer products marketing managers
Sensory evaluation specialists
Marketing research professionals
Nutritionists, dietitians and menu planners
Culinary professionals
Research scientists in foods, consumer products and OTC

Presenter--Annette Hottenstein:

Annette Hottenstein is President of Sensational Sustenance, LLC, a consulting company
specializing in sensory evaluation and nutrition. Prior to forming her company, Annette worked
for 15 years as sensory and consumer scientist for Pepsico and McCormick & Company. A
sought-after speaker and writer, she has presented on multiple occasions at the Pangborn
Sensory Science Symposium and to the Society of Sensory Professionals and has authored
numerous articles. Since 1999, she has moderated over 150 focus groups. She has a Master
of Science in Food Science from Texas A&M University, a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition
from The Pennsylvania State University and is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed in the State of

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