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Using Social Media to Build Food Sales
(Webinar length:  1 hr 18 min)


This webinar will get you up to speed on using today’s best social media tools to influence
food sales. We’ll review the technology used in the food industry for B2B application.

Tools discussed include the use of LinkedIn for B2B and will cover how to build an “all-star”
LinkedIn profile, how to use LinkedIn to build the brand and how to advocate for your
company. In addition, the webinar will assess the use of Twitter as a tool for professional
branding and will show how to use Tweetdeck to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

We’ll also cover corporate responsibility using social media and touch on the use of blogging,
article writing, and public relations to keep your brand on the lips of food industry influencers.

This webinar will answer the following questions:

How should your Company engage in social media marketing?
How to understand “Corporate Responsibility”?
How to use social media platforms to improve prospect research?
How can your team become brand advocates?
How can you become a Subject Matter Expert?
How to build brand awareness?
How can you improve your personal development?

Who will benefit from this webinar?

Professionals seeking to incorporate social media into their brand
Managers struggling to implement social media marketing
HR professionals concerned about personal / professional internet usage
Experienced food sales reps and marketers uncertain how to use today’s tools
Consumer & marketing research professionals
Advertising, brand, marketing & public relations managers

Presenter--Edward Zimmerman

Mr. Zimmerman is the founder of The Food Connector, a company that serves all companies
in the food supply chain in planning and executing marketing and sales services. His career in
the food industry spans more than 40 years.

In 1996, he was instrumental in starting Bellissimo Foods, a foodservice marketing group that
became the largest pizzeria distribution network in the United States. His clients include CA
Milk Advisory Board, Cheese Merchants of America, Liguria Foods, Pacific Gold Creamery
and Real Time Ordering.

Edward holds a B.S. in Economics and an M.S. in Administrative Management.

Webinar Price ($289)
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