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Recorded Webinars collaborated with Foodseminarsinternational
Bring Your Own Device ("BYOD") and Social Media: Risks, Policies
(Webinar length:  1 hr 26m)


The legal means through which people work and interact are changing.  Increasingly,
employees are using their own mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and their own
online services (Gmail and LinkedIn) to perform work for their employers under a program
known as bring-your-own-device (BYOD).  In addition, people are talking, negotiating and
storing records in the “cloud,” which includes social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest
and archive services like Skydrive and Google Drive.

These changes raise vexing risks and issues for employers and professionals.  Who owns,
controls and can gain access to records on personal devices or in social networks?  What
policies do employers need to govern the security of data and the control of accounts?  How
should officials conduct investigations – such as HR investigations, government audits or
police investigations -- relative to data in the cloud or on mobile devices?  What must
employers do to comply with new laws governing employee privacy in social media?

This webinar teaches practical tips, tools and lessons re: BYOD.  It offers a template for
developing BYOD policy within your organization.  It explains the latest trends in law and court
cases.  It teaches methods for preserving records, respecting privacy and getting the legal
terms you want as you form contracts by way of these new media.  This webinar updates
managers and professionals with essential new skills for coping with the latest technology.

Who will benefit from this webinar:

HR professionals
Legal Assistants
Private Investigators
Compliance Officers
Regulatory Officials
Law Enforcement
School Disciplinary Officials
Forensics Experts
Risk Managers

Presenter--Benjamin Wright

Benjamin Wright is the author of several technology law books, including Business Law and
Computer Security, published by the SANS Institute. With 25 years in private law practice, he
has advised many organizations, large and small, private sector and public sector, on privacy,
computer security, e-mail discovery and records management and been quoted in
publications around the globe, from the Wall Street Journal to the Sydney Morning Herald. He
teaches the law of data security and investigations at the SANS Institute, premier educator for
IT professionals. Wright maintains a matrix of popular blogs accessible at http://legal-beagle. Wright graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 1984. Russian
banking authorities recently tapped him for advice on the law of technology and electronic

Webinar Price ($289)
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