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Food Safety Online Training
Recorded Webinars collaborated with Foodseminarsinternational
Surviving the Food Recall Maelstrom
(Webinar length:  1 hr 21 min)


If you think a recall of your food products is unlikely, think again.

In the U.S., nearly 10 foods are being recalled every day. Because of improvements in
outbreak surveillance and food product testing by FDA, USDA and the industry, the numbers
of recalls will continue to increase dramatically. Learn about emerging trends in federal food
safety testing and enforcement policies, enhancements in federal food safety surveillance
capabilities, the costs associated with recalls and outbreaks, and how to best position your
company (from a food safety and legal liability standpoint) to anticipate problems, reduce
exposure, and react appropriately when a crisis does occur.

The federal government will continue to aggressively enforce its new food safety policies and
regulations. With greater scrutiny and industry awareness, any potential problems with your
products will likely be found. Begin preparing now, so in the event a crisis occurs, you are
leaning forward in the food safety foxhole — rather than hiding in it.

What you will learn:

Assess and manage internal food safety risk
Enhance employee training programs to reduce risk
Refine existing food plotting and traceability programs
Effectively identify and also limit the scope of a recall
Develop world-class crisis management and recall plans
Effectively deal with FDA or USDA officers during an emerging crisis
Identify and obtain appropriate recall and product liability insurance
Create bullet-proof supplier and customer contracts to protect your brand

Who should attend:

QA and QC Managers
Production Managers
Food Scientists and Technologists
Food Safety Personnel
HACCP Coordinators
Government food inspectors
Microbiologists and Food Processing Engineers
Food attorneys

Presenter– Shawn Stevens, attorney

Mr. Stevens is with the firm Gass Weber Mullins LLC devoting his entire practice to
representing the food industry.

He has worked with food industry clients (including the world’s largest food processors,
national restaurant chains, and food distributors and grocers) helping them protect their brand
by proactively reducing their food safety risk and exposure, complying with complex food
safety regulations, coordinating recall efforts, and defending high-profile foodborne illness

He serves as the only Food Safety and Food Quality mediator in the nation, helping parties
who have food safety or quality disagreements. He frequently authors dedicated food safety
columns for the National Provisioner, and Food Safety Tech and is also a regular contributor
to Food Quality Magazine.

Webinar Price ($289)
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