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Lean Six Sigma
(Webinar length:  1h 20m)


Manufacturing is being transformed by Lean Six Sigma and in food processing it’s becoming
more common, with its systematic approach to waste elimination - to lower costs, improve
product quality and make businesses more competitive. The difference with food is HACCP,
but here it is also complimentary, the Lean Six Sigma tools are ideal for CCP analysis and
improvement. Companies around the globe are using Lean Six Sigma to create a
competitive advantage by eliminating waste in all processes; from production to distribution
and administration.

Like any other industry, the food industry has repetitive processes and most have waste of
one kind or another. This webinar is an introduction to the Lean Six Sigma approach to waste
identification and elimination, including a definition of the “hidden” wastes. Many businesses
in the food industry deal with commodities and reducing their internal costs are what separate
the winners and losers. Those that can reduce waste come out on top. This introduction
explains how Lean Six Sigma’s methodical focus on continuous improvement delivers
superior results for all stakeholders.

Areas covered in the webinar:

Lean & Six Sigma Overview - complementary approaches combine for Lean Six Sigma
Results examples in food and administration processes
Common tools / approaches for improvement: Kaizen, 5S, Value Stream Mapping and Data
The Lean Six Sigma “belts” hierarchy
Creating a Lean Six Sigma culture; the key to sustainment
Starting down the Lean Six Sigma path

Who will benefit from this webinar:

Department managers
Engineering professionals
Quality department personnel
Suppliers to Lean or Six Sigma companies
Change agents
Supply chain professionals
Accounting professionals
New Hires in a Lean Six Sigma organization who want a structured introduction
Anyone with a desire to learn the fundamentals of methodical performance improvement

Presenter - Marty Preuss

Marty Preuss is President of High Impact Metrics, LLC, a performance improvement
professional with over 20 years of experience in business results optimization. He has
applied Lean Six Sigma in a variety of industries and processes. In addition to his Six Sigma
Black Belt, he has earned certifications as an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional,
ASQ Quality Engineer and ASQ Quality Manager. As a recognized Lean Six Sigma expert,
he is particularly accomplished in multi-facility change leadership. Accomplishments have
included drastic working capital reductions across multiple facility operations, maintenance
parts optimizations, waste reductions in numerous industries and performance improvement
in administrative processes like accounts receivable, outsourcing, and account management.

Webinar Price ($289)
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