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Online Training
FDA-cGMP Food Industry Training
It can be taken from anyone's workplace or home
through the Internet.It has "save and exit" features
so that you can do it at your own pace (a couple of
sections per day...).It starts with a comprehensive
ISO 9001 presentation that clearly communicates
its intent. After registration, there are no time limits
on when you can start or complete the course.
You have complete flexibility in taking the course
around your schedule.
It uses examples and quizzes that give very good
exposures on industry related implementation

Worldwide Course Recognition:
This online training courses by Calsio Co. are
recognized by all registrars and hiring companies
as objective evidence of effective training on the
particular standard and regulation. Since 1999,
they have been the most popular and most widely
used training courses in English, with over 15,000
trainees in the US and worldwide. The standards
and regulations are provided online under
licensing of the American National Standard
Institute (ANSI), SAE International, or courtesy
of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Certificate requirements
The course uses a continuous evaluation
method with on-going quizzes to
facilitate the information retention. If your final
average is equal or greater to
70% you will be issued a training certificate. If
your final average evaluation is
less than 70%, you will have to take a final
exam and score above 70% to be
issued the training certificate.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you register to any of our
online courses and are not satisfied with the content, let us
know, and BEFORE you complete the course or are issued
the online certificate: we will refund 100% of the registration
fee. We are confident, that like our many other trainees, you
will like any course we offer, take some of our other
courses, and also recommend them to others. We are
proud of our achievement, and want to show it through the
explicit satisfaction guarantee that other trainers cannot
Online Training with a certificate
Online Human Food FDA-cGMP Training (21CFR110)
Cooperated with Caliso Co.
21CFR110 is the Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packing, or holding Human Food (cGMP)
Course Outline for FDA-cGMP Food
Industry Training

Course objective
his training course has been designed for
individuals involved in food industry. It
offers an introduction to food security for state
and local sanitarians, USDA FSIS
field inspectors, and HHS FDA field inspectors.
With the current threat of
terrorism against the US, it is critical that the food
industry from growers to retail
be aware of the threat and of the guidance
materials available from regulatory
agencies to help address food security concerns.

Course length
2-3 days (a few hours everyday) are required to
complete the FDA-cGMP for
Human Food Training.

Who should attend
Anyone who do not have time to allocate a full
day to take a LIVE class on the
cGMP and 21CFR110, wants to quickly and
efficiently understand what the FDA's
GMP for human food manufacturers is about, and
implement the GMP without
using a consulting firm

Course includes
The structure of the training is as follows:
• Subpart A--General Provisions
• 110.3 - Definitions.
• 110.5 - Current good manufacturing practice.
• 110.10 - Personnel.
• 110.19 - Exclusions.
• Subpart B--Buildings and Facilities
• 110.20 - Plant and grounds.
• 110.35 - Sanitary operations.
• 110.37 - Sanitary facilities and controls.
• Subpart C--Equipment
• 110.40 - Equipment and utensils
• Subpart D [Reserved]
Human Food GMP Course Outlines
• Subpart E--Production and Process Controls
• 110.80 - Processes and controls.
• 110.93 - Warehousing and distribution.
• Subpart F [Reserved]
• Subpart G--Defect Action Levels
• 110.110 - Natural or unavoidable defects in food
for human use that
present no health hazard.
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